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The clean energy industry world changes constantly. Solar in the USA is much like the "Wild West" and I call it the "Solar Coaster."

Since 1998, I've been developing wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects, making me one of the few true veterans of the industry.  I can help you navigate these tricky waters.

I wrote the book The Clean Power Revolution (published in 2005), have dozens of articles published, am an active public speaker, and am nearly finished writing two more books.

My philosophy
Early in my career I made the mistake of antagonizing the fossil fuel industry. I now work hard to cooperative with utility companies to understand their needs while integrating my intense, lifelong passion to convert the planet to clean, renewable energy.

My commitment to results
When I work with you, I roll up my sleeves and become your business partner. My success as a consultant, public speaker, and author is measured by the success of your project and the overall clean energy industry.

My experience
I am intimately familiar with the many challenges that solar & wind projects face today. I have almost certainly been in your shoes, and I've "seen it all."  In 1980, my father had a 30-panel solar hot water system installed in our 7,500 square foot home, and I helped maintain it during Junior High & High School.  I'm the founder & former CEO of TradeWind Energy (where developed the 250 MW ($500 MM) Smoky Hills Wind Farm, 200 MW ($300 MM) Caney River Wind Farm before I sold the company in 2004), a biodiesel plant (10 MGPY), and developed, financed, permitted and built dozens of solar projects, including for such clients as Sprint, Pacific Gas & Electric, many schools & churches and companies of all sizes.

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My Bio:

Troy Helming has been a clean energy executive and leader for 20 years. He founded TradeWind Energy (formerly Kansas Wind Power) in 1998, raised millions of seed capital, acquired PPAs/LOIs with utilities for $300 Million of wind energy & developed wind farm sites including the 250 MW / $500 Million Smoky Hills Wind Farm (the largest wind farm in KS for many years) and the 200 MW / $350 MM Caney River Wind Farm.  Mr. Helming founded Pristine Sun LLC in 2009 and as its CEO, built it into the leading developer of small utility scale solar PV projects in the state of California with a 750 MW active pipeline of projects and over 2 GW of total projects in 12 states.

In 2005, Mr. Helming wrote & published a book The Clean Power Revolution, created The Freedom Plan (a blueprint to convert America to 100% renewable energy & save the U.S. economy $1 Trillion per year), published numerous articles, has been a keynote speaker in 13 states/4 countries, promoted clean energy tirelessly on TV & radio, fought the construction of various new coal plants, and served for the Sierra Club as an expert witness on wind energy. 

In 2007 Mr. Helming designed, built, and operated an EPA-registered biodiesel refinery. Since 2001, Mr. Helming has designed, sold, permitted, installed, and serviced numerous small wind, solar, fuel cell and energy efficiency solutions and been a consultant for dozens of companies (including McKinsey & Co, Bank of America, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs).  

Mr. Helming was first exposed to solar in 1980 to 1986 while, still in school, he helped operate & maintain his family's 30-panel solar hot water system that heated the 7500 square foot home's domestic hot water, pool, hot tub and during winter, pre-heated the air in the four furnaces.  He holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!), has certifications in OSHA, NABCEP (pending), Commercial PV NEC 2011 (Complaint Design, O&M), solar & wind energy finance, system design & technical sales, and is a member of Mensa.

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