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Troy's 4 exits of companies founded (TradeWind Energy, founded 1996, rebranded 2002) worth >$1 Billion: $35 Billion of wind & solar farms built, #1 USA Wind Developer 2017.


2009: Pristine Sun Corp (> 350 solar farms & C&I projects built or sold ( 2 GW+)


  2016: EarthGrid PBC, which will have the biggest impact of any of his companies on climate change & stimulating the economy.

Troy has been invited to compete on the NBC hit TV show American Ninja Warrior 4x in a row: Seasons 10-13, 2018-2021 (S11 lottery). Despite being in his 50s, Troy competes - not in the Masters (over 40) Division - in the Pro Elite division against much younger athletes...and regularly qualifies for Regionals & World Championships as a top 1-3% of Pro athletes.

Troy has >40 patent claims (LinkedIn for details), is the author of the 2005 book The Clean Power Revolution & 100s of articles published since 1998, has been a public speaker (keynote & panelist) at 100s of conferences, and has been driving electric vehicles (EVs) since 2012.


Troy Helming is a modern-day industrialist & clean energy executive & Board director. 

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